Advance Results

The National Statistical Office carries out a Population and Housing Census every ten years according to international standards. Preliminary results of the 2000 Population and Housing Census were released in August 2000. They include the size of the population by sexes and the number of households at national, regional, provincial, municipal and non-municipal levels.
Full computer processing of census data is time consuming. Advance results based on a one per cent sample households (see the sample design method of estimation) are, therefore, released to reflect the characteristics of the population, including the demographic, economic, social and housing conditions at national and regional levels.

Key findings of the 1990 and 2000 Population and Housing Censuses are as follows:

Key indicators of the population and households,
Population and Housing Census 1990 and 2000

Demographic characteristics   
Total population ('000)54,548.560,617.2
Population in Municipal Area (%)29.431.1
Sex ratio (Males per 100 females)98.597.0
Median age24.629.7
Population by age group   
0-14 years (%)29.224.1
15-59 years (%)63.466.5
60 years and over (%)7.49.4
Age dependency ratio   
(Per 100 adults 15-59 years)   
0-14 years46.136.3
60 years and over11.614.2
Singulate mean age at first marriage (SMAM)   
Thai citizenship (%)98.999.5
Minority population   
Muslims (%)4.14.6
Muslims in the South (%)26.929.0
Population speaking Malay (%)2.22.3
Population speaking hill tribe languages (%) 0.61.3
Average years of education attainment    
of population age 15 years and over5.77.8
Population aged 6-24 years    
not attending school (%) 54.534.3
Employment characteristics of population
aged 15 years and over
Last year industry   
Population in the agricultural sector (%)66.856.7
Work status (%)100.0100.0
Employers 0.81.6
Own account workers29.532.8
Unpaid family workers42.730.9
Members of producer's cooperatives-0.1
Mean number of children ever born2.41.7
(Per ever married woman 15-49 years)   
Mean number of children still living2.31.6
(Per ever married woman 15-49 years)   
Five-years migration (1995-2000)   
Population who migrated within7.86.3
previous 5 years (%)   
Lifetime migration   
Population who were not living 13.916.8
in changwat of birth (%)   
Housing characteristics   
Private households ('000)12,317.815,662.3
One-person households (%)5.18.6
Average household size4.43.9
Female headed households (%)19.425.5
Houses in non-permanent materials4/ (%)9.47.4
Households with ownership (%) 86.381.6
Households with sanitation 5/(%) 86.197.7
Households with save drinking water6/(%)80.392.7
Households cooking with gas and electric (%)38.965.4
Households with televisions (%)86.891.5
Households with radios (%)81.377.2

1/ Including persons who lived in Sanitary Districts which were reclassified as tambon municipalities in 1999.
2/ The 1970 Population and Housing Census.
4/ Non-permanent materials include local materials and waste or reused materials.
5/ Sanitary types of toilet include flush latrine and moulded bucket latrine.
6/ Save drinking water includes bottle drinking, tap water, rain water and private well
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