​The 1990 population and housing census

Year 20​​00 | Ye​ar 1990

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Thailand's first national census was organized in 1909 and afterwards censuses were carried out in 1919 , 1929 and 1947 respectively. The first five censuses were undertaken by the Ministry of the Interior. From the 1960 onwards, The National Statistical Office has been in charge of undertaking censuses every ten years under the authorization of the 1952 Statistical Act (revised in 1965). In 1970 the first housing census was conducted simultaneously with the population census. The 1990 population and Housing Census is, thus, the ninth population census and the third housing census of Thailand. The objectives of the census were collect the number of population on demographic and socioeconomic characteristics as well as housing characteristics for National Economic and Social Development Plan.

Summary tables

Table 1
  • Number of population in Thailand 1911-1990 census years.
Table 2
  • Age and sex structure and dependency ratio of population: 1960-1990 census years.
Table 3
  • Density of population per one square kilometer by region: 1960-1990 census years.
Table 4
  • Percentage of population by area and occupation: 1960-1990 census years.
Table 5
  • Percentage of population aged 10 and 15 years and over by language literate in and sex: 1960-1990 census years
Table 6
  • Percentage of population by grade of school completed: 1960-1990 census years
Table 7
  • ​Percentage of selected housing characteristics and appliances owned by area: 1970-1990 census years.


Population combined in the census coverage were :

  • All Thai nationals residing in the country as of the census date, April 1, 1990. 
  • ​​Persons having their usual residence in Thailand, but as of the census date, were away temporarily at field exercises, at sea or temporarily abroad 
  • Government officials, both civilian and military including Thai diplomatic personnel, and their families stationed abroad. 
  • ​Civilian nationals of foreign nations having their usual residence in Thailand of those who had resided in Thailand for at least three months as of the census date (before January 1, 1990).

The households combined in the census were all private residential households will be combined in the census coverage Census Methodology
The National statistical office used the sample census enumeration technique for the census. In the Bangkok Metropolis and non-municipal areas all persons and households were listed and simultaneously enumerated with the main characteristics of population, except for those from a 20 percent sample of households were listed and enumerated the main and more detail characteristics of population and housing. In municipal areas (excluding the Bangkok Metropolis), all persons and households were listed and enumerated the main and more detail characteristics of population and housing. There was no sample selection in these areas.

Census Items

  • Population topics 
    • ​​Relation to household head 
    • ​Sex 
    • ​Aged 
    • Grade of school completed 
    • Marital status 
    • Last year occupation 
    • Industry 
    • Work status 
    • Religion 
    • Place of birth 
    • Duration of present residence 
    • Migration and reasons of migration 
    • School attendance 
    • Literacy 
    • Number of children ever born and number of children still living 
    • Use of contraception 
    • Occupation during last week prior to the census date and reason for not working 
    • ​Disability    
  • Housing topics 
    • Type of structure 
    • Type of construction materials 
    • Occupancy and tenure of household living quarters (excluding land) 
    • Monthly rent and the ownership of the household 
    • Ownership of land 
    • Number of rooms regular used for sleeping 
    • Source of drinking water and water supply system 
    • Type of lighting 
    • Type of toilet facilities 
    • Type of kitchen 
    • Type of fuel used for cooking 
    • Equipment and selected durable goods in possesion of the household
  • Remarks

​​Population topics in the items 1-9 were the main characteristics of the population, and other items were detail characteristics.

  • ​Period of the collection data

The data were collected in April 1990.
  • ​​Report publication

The publications of 1990 population and housing census were:
    • ​Preliminary report that shows the number of population, the number of households for each province and mean annual rate of growth during 1980-1990. 
    • ​​Advance report that shows important population characteristics by region and the whole kingdom. 
    • ​Report on population and housing data by province, region and the whole kingdom 
    • ​Series of analytical subject reports tabulation on selected characteristics such as migration, fertility and economic characteristics.