​​The 2010 Population and Housing census

​​​  Interviewer​​  ​     In Person interview

​      ​    ​ ​This is the main method for collecting the Census data in 2010. The Census taker can explain the questions to the respondent and directly address any concerns the respon​​dent might have.​​

Post Return  ​    Mail-back self-administered questionnaire​

​      ​    ​ ​The mail-back self-administered questionnaire is convenient for those who do not have the opportunity to meet with the Census taker, or who live in residences which prohibit outsiders from entering (such as apartment buildings, condominiums). The respondent can request a questionnaire form and arrange a time for it to be picked up, or can mail it back (postage free) to the NSO.​​

Telephone​     Telephone Interview Center: TIC

​      ​    ​ ​The respondent can also provide the Census information over the phone. ​provide the information over the telephone by dialing 1111 and choosing ext. 6​​

 Internet​ ​​     Responding to the Census Questionnaire via the Internet

​      ​    ​ By using the Internet-based Census form, the respondent can fill out the questionnaire him/herself and submit it directly upon completion at http://popcensus.nso.go.th, or​ www.nso.go.th.​​​​