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Summary of vital statistics: a survey / census Cup. Fr​i. 2556​​

 Summary of vital Statistics       

 Issues and Essentials: a survey / census Cup. Fri. 2556


Economic and social survey of households in the first 6 months. year 52


Processing of Construction Act 2552


Survey / census year 2552


Health Survey welfare and food consumption of the population. Fri. . 2552


Household Economic and Social Survey 2551


The use of information and communication technologies in households up. . Professor. 2551


Electronic status of Thailand BE 2551


Health of workers, Thailand. Illness include Having a chronic illness / disease And medical care      


The Children and Youth Survey 2551


  Media (radio and television) Act 2551


Survey to develop the capacity of the population. Fri. . 2551


  Social survey. Culture and Mental Health Act 2551  


Brief survey of the field of information technology and communications May. Professor. 2550 


Processing Construction Area by 2550


Explore the use of information and communication technology (household. ) Year 2550


Small Manufacturing Survey 2550


Welfare, health and fitness survey of 2550 people.


​​​Survey of Elderly in Thailand, 2550