​​​​​​​​​​​​​Vision : 

​        "SMART Statistical Center for Decision Making​"​

Mission : ​

1.  Manage statistics and information to be of integrated and standardized so as to develop 

     and support country’s competitiveness.

​2.  Conduct Census or Sample Survey or facilitate in conducting census/survey so as to obtain

     national statistical information database on socio-economic and information

     ​and communication  technology and others.

3.  Provide service on statistical data and information, knowledge to all users.

4.  Develop statistical human resource to be professional statistician.

5.  Cooperate and coordinate with international organizations in statistical work.

Strategy : ​

1.​  To integrate, link and exchange key, relevant and quality with  international standards

     ​statistical data.

2.  To develop data production and statistical service to be quality and responsive.

3.  To develop the professionalism of the NSO and the Line Ministries’ staff. 

4.​​  To promote the use of statistics and information for planning and evidence based decision


​​Goal : ​

1.  There is a database of key, relevant and quality statistics to support decision making

     in the country.

2.  There are efficient processes in producing timely data and there are high quality and

     responsive national statistical services.

3.  Statistical human resources are professional.

4.  All sectors use sta​tistics and information for evidence-based plan and policy.