​          Official sta​tistics in Thailand began on April 1, 1915 under the decree by His Majesty ​King RamaVI. The office was first established on March 14, 1914 as a department under the Ministry ​of the Royal Treasury, known as Statistical Forecast Bureau. This office was headed by Prince Pitthayalongkorn, with the designation of Director General.

         The department underwent several changes over times with Statistical Forecast Bureau, renamed as the National Statistical Office (NSO) on May 23, 1963 and it was placed under the Office of the Prime Minister. The NSO expanded steadily both at the head office as well as the establishment of provincial statistical offices in every province 

          In 1993, the organization was reorganized by putting all the provincial statistical offices After the restructuring of the bureaucratic system in 2002, the National Statistical Office (NSO) was placed under the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, which comes with a new structure of the central organization comprising three Bureaus, one Centre and three Divisions.

        The new Statistical Act took effect in 2007, this Act has enhanced the management and implementation of the national​ statistical information system more effectively. However, there was no provision of the statistical committee under this Act, this has resulted in the change of destination of the head of the National Statistical Office from Secretary General to Director General.

          In 2008, there was a restructuring of the organization, based on the Ministerial Law. The new structure of the National Statistical Office comprised six Bureaus, two Centers, two Groups and the Provincial Statistical Offices as local administration.

          Since October 2009, in order to facilitate the missions of the new Act, the structure of the NSO was reorganized into nine Bureaus, two Centers and three Groups, with the Provincial Statistical Offices as local administration.​