• ​​Population and Housing Census​​

  • The Population and Housing Census is undertaken to collect data and information on characteristics of all population and their pl​aces of residence currently residing in the country, on the reference date of the census.​

  • Agricultura​​l Census​​​​

  • The Agricultural Census is conducted to gather data and information on agriculture by interviewing all agricultural holdings throughout the country on the census date.​

  • Industrial and Business​​ ​Census

  • It is conducted so as to gather basic information expressing structure and distribution of business establishments, including details of their business operation.​​

  • Industr​​ial Census

  • ​​It is conducted to collect basic information regarding number, characteristics and business operation in manufacturing establishments, located at the fixed premises within the specific areas throughout the country​​​


  • Social

  • They are the surveys on social issues conducted to compile social statistics, such as survey on population change, labor force survey, socio-economic survey etc.​

  • Econ​​omics

  • They are the surveys conducted so as to collect information on economic, such as business trade and services survey, construction industry survey etc.

  • Information and Communication Technology(ICT)

  • They are the surveys conducted to gather information on the use of ICT on both establishments and households, such as establishment survey on the use of information and communication technology, household survey on the use of information and communication technology.​