Statistical Information Service

​        One of NSO’s roles is Statistical Information Service. We have provided in many types as well as various categories namely economic, social, natural resources, and environment. Our missions are to provide statistical information services to all users in public society.

Statistical information serviced by National Statistical Office included.

​- Statistics produced by National Statistical Office                

- Statistics produced by other government agencies namely health 

- Statistics, education statistics, energy statistics, and etc.

​You may contact us for statistical requirement in various ways. 

Statistical Information Service​ is to be provided as follows:

​1.Copying statistical information 

     1.1 Searching statistical information required/seek for our advice
     1.2 Staffs advise for statistical needs/seek for more information
     1.3 Complete all requested information to service-copied form
     1.4 To service statistical information copying needs
     1.5 Payment and receive your receipt (cost may be varied in needs)

2.Micro ​data

2.1 Seeking for our advice in access to gain micro data service in various ways namely self-contacted, phone, email and letter.
2.2 To be completed on consideration regarding micro data should be included 
as follows:   
​​​​- Letter of request for using data including project proposal
- Attach project management plan /project plan/project results as using NSO’s data (Should it has)
​​2.3 To consider and approve within 3 working days.
2.4 Staffs concerned will prepare for micro data as well as informing its consideration to user.
2.5 Making a valid request by signing an agreement and payment for using micro data (in case of having cost)
In terms of a valid agreement, user must be asked for a copy of user’s ID card or any copy of card as made by government agencies or a copy of student card. In case of user to be unable to receive micro data, we will accept for representative involved to be assigned receiving our micro. We needs a copy of representative’s ID card or any copy of card as made by government agencies including the letter of user’s authorization​​
Micro data charges and how
1. Processing data fee will be charged 2,000 bahts per time (Excluding Thai students)
2. Copying data fee will be charged in the amount as per data needs
3. How to payment
- Cash or
​- Bank draft in US$ pay to National Statistical Office​
to payment
3.Publication/CD-ROM  Service
- Users must to send the letter of request to NSO’s Director for receiving our publication in regularly or occasionally.
- Self-contacted at National Statistical Office at working time (8.30-16.30) on Monday up to Friday
- Accept for your requirement via postal or E-mail: [email protected]
- Online order via NSO web site: www.nso.go.th
- NSO’s publication could be downloaded (Select its items from web page provided)
- Complete your requirement on Statistical Information Searching System
How to purchase publication
     User can select publication and its price list as provided. In addition, user may make your order via postal or e-mail. We offer three types of payment: 
     1. You can make its remittance via postal. Please pay to “National Statistical Office” 
     2. Bank draft pay to “National Statistical Office”
     3. Transferring money to an account as be detailed below:
          Bank name: Kung Thai Public Company Limited
          Bank address: 69/3, Moo 3, Paholyothin Rd., Saimai Dist., Bangkok 10220
          Swift code: KRTHTHBK 

For more information, please contact to our staffs at: 
         Statistical Information Dissemination and Services Group, 
         Statistical Forecasting Bureau, 
         Government Complex, Building B, 2nd Floor, Southern Zone
         Chaeng Watthana Rd., Lak Si, Bangkok 10210.
         Tel: +66 214-17500 - 03 
         E-mail: [email protected]​​